Akashic Recording Studio

Akashic Recording Studio is a state of the art facility providing world class tracking, mixing and mastering. The studio is nestled in a mountain forest setting atop Lee Hill in Boulder Heights, Colorado with refreshing views of distant plains and nearby National Forest as well as a spectacular portion of the continental divide.

Akashic was designed and built by Rich Zweibel and his team (formerly Joiner Rose Design Group of which multi-year TEC Technical Achievement Award winner Russ Berger was a part). The computer aided design control room features a large reflection-free-zone and a full frequency range quadratic residue theorem rear diffusor array. The studio's clean power system provides 60 volt-to-ground balanced AC via a custom isolation transformer. The entire facility is built to exacting standards and is reflected in its being both sonically accurate and very musical to work in. From source to master, every detail of the audio chain has been addressed and optimized, including acoustic spaces, cable, mic preamps, outboard gear, tape machines, console, converters and mastering system.

Recording formats include; Pro Tools HD3 Accel 192 track 24 bit digital audio workstation (capable of up to 192 kHz sample rates) with two HD 192 interfaces providing 32 channels of input and output, all clocked by an "atomic clock", (rubidium oscillator) via an Antelope Audio Isochrone Digital Clock, Sonic Solutions for mastering CDs, JH-24 2" 24 track analog (optimized electronics). Pretty much anything available upon request.

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