Akashic Equipment List

Following is a list of equipment and instruments available to our clients.


  • ProTools HD3 accel in MacPro 8 core (Westmere), (2) 192 I/O Interfaces (32 input/output) with Antelope Audio Isochrone Digital Clock synchronized to an Atomic Clock (rubidium oscillator, 100,000 times more accurate than quartz), Digidesign MIDI I/O

Plug In´s

  • MDW High-Res Parametric EQ by Massenburg Design Works
  • Oxford EQ by Sony
  • H949 Harmonizer by Eventide
  • MC2000 by McDSP
  • FilterBank by McDSP
  • Amp Farm by Line6
  • Aural Exciter by Aphex
  • Big Bottom Pro by Aphex
  • Drawmer Dynamics by Aphex
  • Chandler Limited EMI TG12413 Limiter
  • Crane Song Phoenix
  • Eventide H3000 Factory
  • Line 6 Echo Farm
  • TC Electronic Master X3
  • Massenburg DesignWorks MDW Hi-Res Parametric EQ 2.0
  • Sonnox Oxford Dynamics
  • TC Electronic Harmony4
  • Fairchild 660 and 670
  • Moogerfooger
  • DINR
  • Hybrid
  • Synchronic
  • Trillium Lane Labs TL Drum Rehab
  • Trillium Lane Labs TL Space TDM Edition

Mastering System

  • Sonic Solutions Sonic Studio with Sony CDU920S CD Recorder for Pre-Master CD production and Exabyte 8505 8mm tape drive

Converters and Digital Clock

  • JCF Mark II 8 channel ADC 192kHz 24 bit, dB Technogies DA924 High Resolution Digital to Analog Converter, Antelope Audio Isochrone Digital Clock with "atomic clock reference" (rubidium oscillator), Benchmark DAC 192kHz 24 bit (with usb), Apogee PSX-100 96kHz 24bit AD/DA, (3) Frontier Tango 8 channel 24 bit AD/DA converters.

Mixing Consoles

  • Custom built console designed by Jim Williams, Audio Upgrades. 64 input. Frequency response = 2-200,000 Hz. Custom 16x4 mixer (upgraded by Grace Design); -3dB @ 97KHz, Roland M240 24 channel, Peavey 701R (upgraded)

Automation & Synchronization

  • Niche 24 channel resistor array automation system (upgraded), TimeLine MicroLynx, Mark of the Unicorn Digital TimePiece.

Audio Recorders

  • Sony/MCI JH-24 2: 24 track (upgraded by Jim Williams, Audio Upgrades), Sony /MCI JH-110C 1/4" 2-track (upgraded by Jim Williams, Audio Upgrades), Adat XT-20, Fostex B16M 1/2" 16 track, Dolby C (upgraded by Grace Design) with Fostex 4050 Autolocator, Fostex Model 20 (1/4" 2-track, center track time code), Sony PCM 501 w/Apogee update, Akai GX-9, Sony TC-WR99ES


  • AMS Soundfield ST-250, (5) David Royer Tube Kit Mics (large diaphragm cardiod condensor similar to U67, U47 and Mojove MA100), Sanken CU41, Schoeps CMC 6-U, (2) AKG 414, (3) AKG 418, (5) Tape Op Panasonic capsule mics (small diaphragm condensor similar to Earthworks), Reslo Ribbon Mic, Fostex Printed Ribbon, Cascade Fathead II stereo pair, ATM 63 (4), ATM 21, ATM 33R (2), ATM 91, Countryman (5), Sony ECM 150 (2), Shure Beta 58, SM57, SM58, (2) Sennheiser 421, (3) EV N/D 468, EV N/D 868, EV 676, EV 666, EV 636 SlimAir, Oktava MK319, AKG D-112, many more upon specific request

Outboard Mic Preamps

  • Custom Jeff Rowland Design Group 2 channel; very fast, very quiet, no negative feedback, Universal Audio LA-610, Vintech X73i; recreation of Neve 1073 with mic/line in, selectable impedance, 24 channels of Audio Upgrades Design preamps onboard console, 4 channels custom SSM2017 preamp (Mike Grace, Jim Williams), 4 Channel tube mic preamp - custom, based on LCMP), Symmetrix SX202, many more upon specific request

Musical Instruments

  • Steinway "A" Grand Piano vintage 1895 with Gilbransen KS-20 MIDI adapter with poly-pressure aftertouch, Rhodes Suitcase, Hammond M-3 with Leslie 18, Oberheim XPANDER analog synthesizer, Akai MPC 2000XL Midi Production Center 32 MB RAM digital spdif I/O, 8 analog out, Roland VP-9000 Variphrase Sampler w/ 6 voices, 136MB RAM, Emulator E4-K w/128 voices, 128 MB RAM, 16 digital outputs, Ensoniq EPS w/ 2Mg RAM and SCSI, 8-out expander, Korg WAVESTATION SR, Emu Proteus, Kawai PHm, Sequential Circuits 610 analog synthesizer, Alesis HR-16, Alesis SR-16

Other MIDI Equipment

  • Digidesign MIDI I/O, Peavey PC 1600 MIDI Fader Controller,Yamaha DTXpress Electronic Drum Kit, Yamaha Pad5 drum pad triggers

Reverb/FX units

  • Lexicon 300, Eventide H-3000SE with Mod Factory, Lexicon LXP-1 (upgraded by Audio Upgrades)(2), Lexicon LXP-5 (upgraded by Audio Upgrades), Yamaha Rev 7, ART SGE, Alesis Midiverb II, Alesis Microverb II, Lexicon PCM 42, EcoPlate I, EcoPlate II (with low noise upgrades and custom tube output section), Coupled Space Reverb Chamber

Dynamic Processing

  • Tube Tech CL 1B tube compressor, Universal Audio 1176, Universal Audio LA-610 (LA-2A with 610 mic pre for front end), Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-X (with British Mode, etc.), dbx 160, dbx 118, dbx 180, dbx 224, Drawmer M-500 Dynamics Processor, (2) Aphex Expressor, Aphex Domiator II, Ashley 2 ch. compressor/limiter (upgraded), Audio Logic 660 dual compressor/limiter+gate (upgraded), Alesis MicroGate, dbx 263X de-esser

Frequency and Phase Processing

  • Sontec MEP-250EX Parametric Equalizer (Developed from technology developed by Burgess MacNeal and George Massenburg), Amek Medici "The Equaliser" (Rupert Neve), Universal Audio LA-610 (2 bands of EQ), Vintech X73i; recreation of Neve 1073 with mic/line in, selectable impedance, Sherman Filter Bank, Rane 1/3 octave EQ (2), Alesis Micro EQ (2), BBE Sonic Maximizer (upgraded), Aphex Aural Exciter (upgraded), Stromberg Carlson 2-channel tube preamp/EQ (upgraded)

Guitar Amps

  • Matchless DC-30, Fender Twin Reverb, Epiphone "Dwight" Pacemaker

Other Outboard Equipment

  • Sherman Filterbank, (3) SansAmp Rackmount (original version), SansAmp Bass DI, Behringer Denoiser SNR 202, Hughes AK-100 Sound Retrieval System, (2) Custom Tube Headphone Amplifiers


  • ATC SCM-50 (soffit mounted), (2) 210 BagEnd Subwoofers (soffit mounted), with ELF-1 processor (driven by Hafler transnova 9505 amp), (6) Tannoy NFM-8 DMT, Yamaha NS-10M, Jackson AU-6, Fostex RM-780, Minimus 7, Celestion SR3


  • Joseph Grado HP-1000 Signature Series, Joseph Grado HP-1 Signature Series, Grado Labs SR325 Prestige Series, Sennheiser HD430, (2) Sennheiser K240, (3) Sennheiser HD25 SP, Sony MDR V-700 DJ, Sony MDR 7506, (5) Fostex T-20


  • Jeff Rowland Design Group Model-1, Ashley FET-500 (upgraded by Grace Design), Hafler TransNova 9505, Peavey M-2600 (upgraded), Harmon Kardon 6500 (2), Walter Woods M1-100 bass amp, Macintosh 40 Tube Amp (reverb chamber), Dynaco Mark III Tube Amp Cable (mic & line) extensive use of Cardas, Monster, Mogami, MIT (Tannoy monitor speakers) bi-wired with Audio Quest Midnight II

Other Equipment

  • 60 volt to ground balanced AC Transformer provides clean power to all audio equipment, Xentek Extreme Isolation Transformer, copy machine, fax machine

We can usually provide you with any specific requests.

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